5 ways to fight that feeling of insecurity

The feeling of insecurity is defined as the feeling of uncertainty about oneself. Psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke explains insecurities as, “a fear, an underlying feeling that you’re not enough.” It is an inner feeling that is experienced by every individual at some time or the other. While it is normal to experience such emotions at times, the condition becomes severe when the person experiences such feelings all the time.

It is not necessary that the feeling of insecurity develops only in intimate relationships. The condition can affect a person’s relationships with friends, family or loved ones and even, his/her performance at the workplace. Experiencing such feelings on a regular basis can also trigger the development of mental health issues, such as anxiety and/or depression.

Fighting against feelings of insecurities is important to avoid developing any sort of mental health problems. Some of the simple ways to fight against this feeling are:

1. Confront insecurities smartly

While it is normal for the insecurities to make one feel low and depressed, the best way to deal with such feelings is by handling them smartly. Instead of ignoring one’s feelings of insecurity, one should confront them and spend some time questioning their source. There are high chances that with self-reflection the person will understand the cause of these feelings, growing stronger and better with time at handling them.

2. Avoid comparison

It is important to understand that the life of others will always look better and brighter than one’s own life. Remember how “the grass is always greener on the other side?” This is because people may not be sharing the reality of their lives. Comparing one’s own life to others will only lead to feelings of insecurity. So, avoid comparisons at all costs to maintain sanity.

3. Live in the present

Dwelling on the past and thinking about the incidents that bothered one some time back does no good to one’s mental health. Instead, this might be a major factor behind an individual’s feelings of insecurity and mental health problems. One should always focus on living in the present and avoid lingering on past incidents to avoid any impact on their present or future life.

4. Build self-esteem

To deal with one’s feelings of insecurity, it is important to build self-esteem and a positive outlook towards life. Having strong confidence in oneself and believing that everything is all right is an important technique to fight against the feelings of insecurity.

5. Share one’s feelings

Sharing one’s thoughts and feelings of insecurity with someone who loves and cares for one, such as a partner, sibling or friend, can prove to be of great help. This is because letting them know about one’s mental state is a great way to get their support and feedback. It may also help the person know and develop an entirely different perspective towards the same situation in life.

Insecurity can lead to mental health problems

Insecurities can be debilitating and can trigger numerous mental health issues. One should be extra cautious about fighting against such feelings immediately by avoiding being overly critical of oneself. It is actually the combination of the negatives and the positives that make an individual unique.

Mental health problems can make an individual feel sad, depressed, low, irritated and angry while hampering his/her performance in personal as well as professional life. Therefore, it is important to seek medical help immediately if one feels that he/she is affected.

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