Self-fulfilling prophecies: How convictions affect health and wellness

Everyone feels down from time to time; occasionally feeling sad or angry is a part of life. However, if a self-defeating attitude becomes permanent, it can draw a line between confidence and pessimism. It has long been known that the mind has a great influence on the physical body and researchers in San Diego, California, set out to determine if Chinese beliefs about medicine and astrology affected their longevity.

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Single-tasking improves brain performance

One task at a time benefits brain and body

Anyone perusing the classified job ads will notice the word “multi-tasking” appears quite often. Employers are looking for employees who can handle several duties at once. The pace of life in the 21st century has revved up for everyone and not just at work. A mother driving her child to daycare must simultaneously keep her eyes on the road while talking on a hands-free phone and attempting to calm her cranky toddler in the back seat.

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