A Novel Drug can Help ‘Un-excite’ an Anxious Brain, Suggests a Recent Study

Being anxious is a common response to a situation where someone experiences stress or emotional turmoil. It is a situation in which people have a strange sense of dread, fear, or restlessness. It may lead to a condition where people, vulnerable to emotional stress, start experiencing a heightened state of anxiety, in which they grapple to manage with their feelings leading to the development of an anxiety disorder. Continue reading

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week: Running not only improves health, it’s good for sanity too

Most people experience mood swings some day or the other, making us feel anxious, depressed, or low. It is normal for a person to experience such emotions as it is possibly a reaction to some potentially dangerous situations. But when such feelings of depression and anxiety persist, it is probably a symptom of developing a mental health condition. Continue reading

2016 Mental Health Month: Video game addiction may indicate psychiatric disorders

People nowadays are more wired than ever with technology impacting our lives in a big way. With each benefit comes a potential side effect. While technology enables people gain control over their lives, it also confines the younger generation to their homes as they continue to indulge in video games. Continue reading

Technology-based mental health therapy

Virtual reality video games enable players to accomplish things they would not attempt in their daily lives, such as killing a monster, robbing a bank, starting a war or being a part of the fantasy world. With an increasing importance of technology in the society, mental health therapists are using virtual reality as a weapon in their fight against mental illness.

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