Treating metabolic deficiencies can help tackle depression: Study

The term “depression” should be used with utmost care as it is a serious condition that affects both physical and mental health. People often have to deal with numerous problems in day-to-day life and when they are unable to cope with these challenges, depression tends to creep in, making everything seem worthless. Depression usually starts with sadness that may transform into life-threatening symptoms, like suicidal tendencies. Continue reading

Rush hour journeys may affect mental and physical health of commuters

Economic progress and technological advancements have drastically reduced the drudgery in every part of life, but the persistent problem of shortage of time has engulfed almost every professional across the globe. While trying to fulfill the demands of work and family, a person may feel angry, anxious or frustrated. With soaring cost of living, people tend to work longer hours, putting pressure on their health. Continue reading

Combination of medications helps reduce symptoms of ADHD: Study

Children, at times, undergo phases when they are anxious and distraught, which is a normal part of growing up and does not necessarily require treatment. However, parents must take some action when their children persistently behave in a different manner from the others of their age as this could be a sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which requires immediate medical attention. Continue reading

Sedentary lifestyle linked to potential psychosis symptoms in males: Study

The role of physical activity in overall well-being should not be underestimated. Its significance was reiterated recently by a team of researchers who said that physical activity can help fight the onset of heart disorders and untimely death in people suffering from mental illnesses. Continue reading

Fighting mental disorders with exercise

Exercise has a multidimensional impact on human health. While everyone knows about the rewarding effects of exercise on physical health, its impact on mental health is not always highlighted. One thing people must understand is that poor mental health can lead to poor physical health and likewise, poor physical health can be a contributor to poor mental health. Thus, to lead a healthy and happy life, it is necessary to maintain both physical and mental health. Continue reading