Linking terrorist attacks with mental illnesses is callous

Gun violence and mental health are often linked whenever an incident of shooting is reported anywhere in the United States. Not in many, but in some cases the connection between the two has been established. However, it was disturbing to hear the talks of mental illness as the cause behind the last month’s terror attack on the British Parliament. Continue reading

Study identifies gene variant associated with depression

Depression, acomplex mental disorder, can occur for a variety of reasons. While some individuals can become depressed due to a serious medical condition ortragic life event, some may experience depression owing to a family history of the disease. Thoughit’s known that depressive illnesses can run in families, the genetic component has been difficult to determine. Now, a new study has identified a link between depressive symptoms and certain variants in the gene NKPD1. Continue reading

Economic inequality, structural racism fuel increasing survival gap in US, says study

It seems health and wealth are inherently linked in the United States. According to a new study, wealthy Americans are likely to live up to 15 years longer than their poor peers.A five-paper series published recently in the British medical journal The Lancet has found that the increasing survival gap in the U.S. is a result of America’s growing economic inequality, racial segregation, mass incarceration and fractured health system. Continue reading

New Hampshire facing acute shortage of psychiatric beds

New Hampshire, like several other states in the country, is facing an acute shortage of psychiatric beds, leaving people with severe mental illness in the lurch. While the average number of people waiting for a mental health bed was just nine in 2013 in New Hampshire, it jumped dramatically to 46 at the end of March 2017, media reports said.  Continue reading

Study shows limited link between depression and vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D that plays a vital role in keeping one’s bone healthy has often been associated with mental health problems. However, due to the inconsistency in research, it is quite difficult to state with certainty the role that vitamin D might or might not have in preventing or treating mental illnesses such as depression. As vitamin D levels may vary with seasonal changes, it may play a role in explaining a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Continue reading

Personality disorders that are mental illnesses – 2: Histrionic personality disorder

The manner an individual behaves defines his or her personality. While some people are always cheerful, exuding confidence and adaptability, a few others are aggressive most of the times, often posing significant problems for their relationships and the society. But, whatever be the personality type, every individual is expected to follow the social norms and behave in a particular way, in accordance with one’s social group or culture. Continue reading

Santa Clara County reeling from a mental health crisis, reveals report

It seems Santa Clara County in California is in the midst of a mental health crisis. A recent report shows that nearly all people who died by suicide in the county between 2003 and 2015 either suffered from a mental health disorder or were exhibiting warning signs of one leading up to their deaths. Also, Morgan Hill had the second highest suicide rate in the county among the “youth” in the age group of 10-24 years, says the report that was released on March 3, 2017, by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD). Continue reading

Drugs for enlarged prostate or male pattern baldness may cause depression, says study

The physical conditions accompanying old age is a reality that people need to accept. There are various diseases and ailments that affect only the elderly and the fragile. One of the most common problems that elderly men complain of is difficulties due to an enlarged prostate. Continue reading

Lower psychological distress linked to ocean views

For many people, listening to the sound of ocean waves or gazing at the vast expanse of water is considered among the most enjoyable activities, while several others swear by the joys of a beach vacation. People dream of spending the rest of their lives in a beach house after retirement. The tranquility of the ocean, the rhythm of the waves against the shore, the water touching the feet with tiny bits of wet sand, the breeze vividly touching the skin, is more than a breath of fresh air. It engulfs people with a sense of calmness, one that provides a serenity to the mind’s otherwise racing thoughts. Several pieces of research have highlighted the effect of ocean views on one’s mental healthContinue reading

Personality disorders that are mental illnesses – 1: Narcissism

The way an individual behaves, communicates and conducts life is known as his/her personality. Personality traits should fit the bill set by the social norms. However, many a times people are observed to behave abnormally and conduct activities that are not only upsetting but also invite troubles. Such people are commonly said to be suffering from personality disorder. Continue reading