Tips to deal with panic attack at workplace

Many people have the tendency to fear disaster that can have a drastic impact on their daily activities and the overall quality of life. Though panic attacks may not be associated with any stressful events and may strike without any warning, they can leave a lasting impact on the mind of the sufferer. However, in most cases, panic attacks are not life-threatening, but can leave a person completely shaken. The disorder, which often occurs in conjunction with other serious issues such as alcoholism, drug abuse and depression, may include the following symptoms: Continue reading

Treating metabolic deficiencies can help tackle depression: Study

The term “depression” should be used with utmost care as it is a serious condition that affects both physical and mental health. People often have to deal with numerous problems in day-to-day life and when they are unable to cope with these challenges, depression tends to creep in, making everything seem worthless. Depression usually starts with sadness that may transform into life-threatening symptoms, like suicidal tendencies. Continue reading

National Recovery Month: Embracing professional treatment to cure depression

Feeling low once in a while is normal for any human being. However, when such feelings become persistent and last throughout the day, for more than two weeks, it could be a case of clinical depression. Symptoms of depression, such as persistent sadness, irritability, guilt, oversleeping or waking up too early and fatigue, among others, usually become visible, but are ignored by the patient or kin, leading to its deterioration and making treatment difficult. In extreme cases it may even lead to suicide. Continue reading

Advanced maternal age ups chances of children to suffer from OCD: Study

Children born to older fathers have been found to be at a great likelihood of suffering from schizophrenia. Studies have said that 15 percent patients detected with schizophrenia were also diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), making it unclear if the first child born to an older father also carried the risk of suffering from OCD.

Continue reading

Rush hour journeys may affect mental and physical health of commuters

Economic progress and technological advancements have drastically reduced the drudgery in every part of life, but the persistent problem of shortage of time has engulfed almost every professional across the globe. While trying to fulfill the demands of work and family, a person may feel angry, anxious or frustrated. With soaring cost of living, people tend to work longer hours, putting pressure on their health. Continue reading

Alternative treatments for depression – Part 3: Coping and relaxation techniques

It is not easy to fight off depression. The additional stress and anxiety that worsen the symptoms of this mental disorder make it more difficult for depressed people to cope with their condition. The most pertinent solution during this period is to adopt strategies that would help ameliorate their condition. Continue reading

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Your little help can stop someone from taking his life

There could be various reasons for harboring suicidal thoughts, but most of the individuals contemplating suicide either have previous complaints of depression or are reeling under unrelenting agony. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with nearly 42,773 Americans ending their lives every year. Continue reading