Is Blue Monday real? Here’s how to make Mondays happier

Is Blue Monday real? Here’s how to make Mondays happier

With fading memories of the last Christmas celebrations, weight gain due to binge eating (and drinking in many cases), return to work, and dwindling bank accounts, life might appear to be bleak for a lot of people. While every day might seem like an uphill task, Mondays especially turn out to be difficult. And if it’s a third Monday of January, chances are that even a headstrong person may feel the blues. For, the third Monday of January is notorious as Blue Monday – the gloomiest day of the year – in some parts of the world.

In addition to excessive cold of January (in the northern hemisphere), various other factors are taken into account for Blue Monday, like days gone by since Christmas, debt level, failed resolution and low motivation level. This unique day came into existence earlier in the century when a researcher working at the Cardiff University did some mathematical calculation. Eventually, the first Blue Monday was observed in 2005. However, many experts believe that such a day doesn’t exist scientifically and that it is used only as a marketing gimmick to sell stuff related to overall well-being.

But most of us would agree to the experience of Monday blues as we get back into our routines on the first day of the week after relaxing and spending time with the loved ones over the weekend. In fact, the feeling of blues starts bothering from Sunday afternoon itself, as many experience familiar feelings of sadness, fatigue and unwillingness ahead of the start of a new week.

However, there are many ways of feeling good on a Monday, such as:

  • Planning lunch or dinner date – Since the first day of the week is the most dreaded day, one must plan something interesting to beat the blues. A lunch or dinner date with a loved one or a friend can add a twist to the otherwise monotonous day. People usually plan such things on weekends, but it is also important to break free from the routine so that it doesn’t overwhelm a person.
  • Taking a class – Usually, people are enrolled in weekend classes. Monday can be made interesting by extending one of those classes on a weekday and attending the same with a friend or a colleague. It could be a class on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance or something else.
  • Saying positive affirmations – Since a person believes that Mondays are boring, he/she feels the same. One should invest some time in repeating positive affirmations at the start of Monday such as “today I will give my 100 percent to whatever I do,” or “today I’m going to make my day productive.” Over a period, these affirmations start showing a positive impact, empowering a person to mould any Monday the way one wants to.
  • Being kinder – When a person does an act of kindness, it’s bound to bring an instant smile and happiness. One can be kind to a co-worker by helping him/her in an assignment or can practice charity.
  • Dressing up – Looks do have a say in how a person thinks or behaves. By dressing up appropriately in one’s favorite color or style, a person tends to automatically feel good.
  • Listening to music – One can also ward off the Monday blues by listening to good music, sometimes even while working, to feel active and spirited all day long.

Seeking help for mental illness

Sometimes, a person might be stressed out not just because it’s a Monday, but due to an underlying mental disorder like depression. The person suffering may not realize the seriousness of the problem and others might dismiss it as mere blues. It is important to be aware of the symptoms and know the difference between occasional blues and a serious condition like depression. If the self-help strategies do not provide any solace then professional help must be sought immediately.

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