In an emotional Instagram video, Teen Mom OG’s Tyler Baltierra talks about his battle with depression

In an emotional Instagram video, Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra talks about his battle with depression

“You have good days, then you have bad days. And today is just a bad day… I know I’m not the only one feeling like this. So if you’re in the same boat as me, just hang in there and [know] you’re not alone and talk to somebody.” This is an excerpt from a recent Instagram video post shared by the Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra. In the video, Baltierra could be seen holding back tears while talking about his mental health struggles. The star also disclosed that he is aware that he is not the only one who feels like this. He could be seen encouraging people with mental health issues to just “hang in there” and “know that you’re not alone” and “talk to somebody” about it.

In the video caption, the MTV personality admitted that he thought of deleting the post but ultimately decided to retain it as he hoped that if he could “at least connect with one person”, it would make “being vulnerable worth it.” Encouraging others to seek help, he added that as humans, “we’re allowed to have bad days, hard times and weak moments.” But, one should not be ashamed of what makes them special as human beings.

This is not the first time that Baltierra has opened up about his battle with mental illness. Earlier this year, he had told his followers that he was attending therapy. His wife Catelynn Lowell who battled postpartum depression is currently in rehab for the third time to overcome her struggles with childhood trauma. While the couple has always been candid about their struggles, they have and continue to inspire their fans as well as each other to make mental health a priority.

Childhood marred with depression, sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts

In an interview last year, the MTV star had opened up about his mental health and had admitted to being depressed since the age of 11 years, when he tried suicide. According to Baltierra, what let him feel alone and empty at the time was the sudden arrest of his father who was sent back to jail for the second time. As a child, Baltierra often compared his father’s addiction to his own self-worth and questioned his existence by thinking that maybe he was not good enough or lovable enough for his father to stay clean and out of prison. The star had also admitted to being sexually abused at the age of nine by his sister’s friend and again at the age of 12 years.

As per him, while he does not really experience any physical symptoms of depression, he does have major anxiety that makes him go deaf, makes his hands all sweaty and brings with it a feeling of an upcoming heart attack. For Baltierra, depression is just pure mental exhaustion from trying to put on such a happy face.

During the interview, the star also addressed the gender stereotype that is associated with a mental illness. He believes that men too are vulnerable to mental health problems and being in such a state does not make them any less of a man. The only way to make some real change in the world is for them to come forward and talk about their troubles.

Path to recovery

Mental disorders affect millions throughout the world and disrupts one’s ability to function in daily life, relate to others, accomplish goals and fulfil responsibilities. Considered to be a leading cause of disability, untreated mental illness can lead to severe behavioral, emotional and physical health problems. One should get the treatment at the earliest.

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