Ensuring mental health well-being at workplace

Workplace stress is common and a serious problem as it might to lead anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems. Untreated mental health problems can lead to adverse health consequences like loss of productivity at work, relationship problems, and violent behavior among others. People often neglect their mental health and pay more attention to their physical health. Nonetheless, it is important to make mental well-being a priority so that one has a fulfilling career.

One can either get in touch with a mental health helpline or follow the tips given below to improve their mental health.

  • Identifying the symptoms – When people suffer from anxiety or depression, they exhibit certain symptoms like taking longer than usual to complete a task, having difficulty in conversing with coworkers, feeling sad, anxious or dejected all the time, etc. If one is experiencing such symptoms themselves or absorbs another person displaying such symptoms, then they need to seek profession help. One must understand that they are not alone and that with self-care and support, mental illnesses can be effectively managed.
  • Taking short breaks – Taking short, frequent breaks helps one to switch off from work for a while and concentrate on something else. It can help one clear their mind. One can go for a walk, chat with a colleague, practice guided meditation, have some coffee, read a book or listen to some music.
  • Making a to-do list – Sometimes, there is so much work that one can easily get overwhelmed. In such a scenario, one should make a to-do list as it will help them prioritize their work and also get a sense of accomplishment every time a job is ticked off from the list.
  • Using commuting time to unwind – One can use the commuting time to relax the mind. This can be achieved by talking to a loved one, playing games, watching funny videos, or simply taking a short nap.
  • Making self-care a priority – Outside work, one should make self-care a priority. One should eat healthy, sleep for at least six to eight hours, get some exercise and maintain personal hygiene. This will invigorate the person, leading to better productivity.
  • Talking can be helpful – If one is suffering from workplace stress, then it is good to talk to colleagues. Someone might help in terms of sharing the workload or by simply lending an ear. While talking may be therapeutic, suppressing feelings may make one feel suffocated.
  • Avoiding office gossip – While talking can be helpful, it is advisable not to indulge in gossip sessions. These sessions can attack one’s self-esteem and can get exhausting.
  • Ensuring a work-life balance – When at work, one should try to be 100 percent committed and focused. In a similar way, when one is at home, they should not indulge in any office work. Creating a work-life balance can greatly boost one’s mental health.
  • Offering help – While it is important to finish one’s work first, it is a morale boost to offer help to someone with their work assignments. This should not be made a practice though. If one comes across someone who genuinely needs help, they can extend a hand as helping others can be very gratifying and can uplift the mood like no other.
  • Personalizing workstation – Placing pictures of loved ones on the workstation, putting up motivational quotes, etc. can help one stay grounded and calm.

Seeking help for mental health

Workplace stress can be conquered by following some self-help strategies, however, they may not prove to be enough in all the cases. If the problem persists, it is time to seek professional support.

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