It’s so overwhelming to be successful, says Mendes on struggling with anxiety

It’s so overwhelming to be successful, says Mendes on struggling with anxiety

“Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in…Sometimes I feel like giving up…But I just can’t…It isn’t in my blood.” – “In My Blood,” Shawn Mendes

Teen pop star Shawn Mendes recently opened about his struggles with anxiety and is encouraging men to speak about their mental health. According to the teen singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2014, being successful at a young age was too overwhelming for him. The 19-year-old singer’s point is evident from his latest rock single, “In My Blood,” which refers to his battles with anxiety

According to Mendes, his troubles with anxiety began at the age of 18, in the middle of his headlining tour. To unwind, Mendes would often grab a drink or two, wary of the pitfalls associated with teen stardom. Mendes said as his success came early, achieving so much at such a young age made him afraid and insecure. Most of all, the fact that he did not understand the reason behind his success, made him insecure about the future. Describing the feeling to be of the worst kind, the Canadian pop star often thought that everyone was out to get him and this thought would make him break down into tears once a week.

Untreated anxiety disorders can affect how one feels and behaves, can interfere with daily life activities and even cause various physical symptoms. When it comes to treating the disorder that affects 40 million American adults, therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients identify the underlying causes behind the disease and get armed with tools necessary to overcome anxiety.

Therapy help in healing

In the past, the singer has confessed to taking therapy sessions, a couple of times. According to Mendes, therapy does not necessarily have to be one thing, it could be any activity or thing that distracts and helps one heal. It could be going out to dinner with one’s friends, running on the treadmill or simply listening to music. Mendes said that earlier he had thought that keeping himself away would help him deal with his anxiety issues, but later he realized that the solution to his problems was just the opposite of what he had been doing till then. So, he decided to be more honest with himself, and open up and let people in. he started making a conscious effort to get connected to people in his life.

According to the pop star, he has accepted his condition and understands that there are reasons behind it, so it does not bother him anymore. No matter what, he gets to do the coolest things ever and at present, his anxiety is under control.

Joyful life awaits you

Anxiety is a medical condition characterized by persistent and excessive worry, manifesting in various ways and interfering with one’s ability to carry out or take pleasure in everyday tasks. At times, an anxiety disorder can even be paralyzing. Irrespective of its effects, treatment, including therapy, can help one manage its symptoms and lead a normal life.

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