Tips to beat depression among stay-at-home moms

The decision to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) is personal and might be in the best interest of the children and the family. Although a majority of women in the United States work, at least part-time, still, a large percentage of working women opt out of their jobs, every year, to take care of their children and participate actively in their formative years. While for some women, taking care of children can bring a lot of satisfaction, for others, it can get highly cumbersome and chaotic.

SAHM also face a plethora of other challenges such as financial insecurities, identity crisis, emotional turmoil, loneliness, feeling a lack of accomplishment, housekeeping, etc. Sadly, many women consider SAHM status as a difficult phase of life, bringing in a lot of anxiety and depression. Clearly, a long-term exposure to such negative attitudes and depression can lead to harmful consequences, further deteriorating the condition.

Curbing depression to lead a happy life

Managing the daily challenges of life can give rise to frustrations, but, when it comes to SAHM, handling emotional challenges of caring for children full time can be a formidable task. Here are a few coping strategies that can help stay-at-home moms remain calm, while effectively parenting her tiny tots:

Getting up early: It is always helpful to get up a bit earlier than the kids and utilize the tranquility for activities such as exercise, meditation, reading, walking, etc., which can help in reviving mental peace and renew the spirits.

Planning ahead: An unplanned day can cause a lot of distress. One should plan a night before, or even better during the weekends, for the schedule of the entire week. For example, one can prepare a list of all the snacks and meals that have to be prepared and arrange the grocery accordingly. Clearly, a well-planned schedule can help to churn a lot more from a day.

Getting company: One does not need to spend the entire day running after the kids and feel lost. One can meet other SAHMs and their kids to have some fun time together. This will ensure that the kids have a play date and they are busy, and enable the mothers to interact with each other.

Keeping the big picture in mind: One must never forget the purpose of becoming a SAHM. While one can always get back to part-time or full-time work, the moments spent with the children can never be relived again. One must never forget that as a homemaker, a woman gets to play an active role in the first few years of her child’s growth.

Seeking professional support: Sometimes, even when one is very efficient in doing all the chores of providing for children, taking care of home and managing additional responsibilities, it can get overwhelming and one can easily get depressed and disoriented. Therefore, before the situation gets out of control, one must seek professional support to reverse the condition.

Road to recovery

Motherhood is a great responsibility that demands a lot of patience and love. A woman can breeze through this phase smoothly if she lives each day as it comes and celebrates the everyday victories of her child’s growth, rather than lamenting over a failed parenting skill.

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